From the recording THAT'S WHAT LOVE IS


You came into my life with your easy ways

Sweet smile and laugh, I just had to care

And though I tried, I did not dream you up

You stand a flesh and blood answered prayer 


      You are a man like no other

      You heal my heart

      You kiss me like there’s no tomorrow

      I long for you when we’re apart

      That’s was love is, that’s what love is

You understand me as no one has before

I feel so safe when I’m with you

Photos fill our picture books with sweet memories

The world is our cocoon, made just made for two


When the hummingbird was trapped inside
Against the window

You opened it so she could find the sky

You heard my feathers flutter
And you helped me find my wings

You helped me find my wings and learn to fly

      That’s what love is, that’s what love is