From the recording I KEEP FALLING

The first time I heard Lisa sing this song, accompanied by her incredible baritone guitar playing, I knew I wanted to record it. And here it is! Such a fun song to sing!  Joan


There will never be another
Who makes my heart feel like this
No one else has captured me
With just one kiss, with just one kiss
I have waited for the man of my dreams
And here you are
Your smile, your touch is everything to me
This is forever, this is forever
        I keep falling, falling, deeper in love with you
        I keep falling, falling, deeper in love with you
We have a love to stand the test of time
Beyond a shadow of a doubt
You’ve made me want to be the best I can
You’re all I think about, you’re all I think about
I can see the love in your eyes is just for me
We’ll stay together, darlin’ be mine, I’ll be yours eternally
         I keep falling, falling, falling