From the recording IT'S SO EASY BEING GREEN

This song was written after the trio discussed writing a song for a performance celebrating EARTH DAY in Santa Monica, CA on the Mamapalooza Stage. Searching for ideas on being green, the Kermit the Frog song, "IT'S NOT EASY BEING GREEN" was mentioned.  Linda flipped the idea, took off with it and in a very short time had a song about being green. Audience members love to sing along too!  SEE THE VIDEO ON OUR VIDEO LIST HERE


       It’s so easy being green
       If you love the sky and sea
       It just makes sense, naturally
       Come and take a walk with me 
The path of conservation
And sustainability
Is one that we must follow
If we want to continue to breathe
Let’s not trash the planet we’re sharing
Let’s turn off the lights that we don’t need
If we crave fresh herbs and vegetables
Let us grow them from tiny seeds
Reduce, reuse, recycle
We know it’s the right thing to do
Let us keep the earth a nice place to live
For those who come after me and you 
       It’s so easy being green