From the recording BEFORE I DIE

This fun song was written by our good friend, Tracy Newman.  Tracy is an Emmy Award winning television writer known for her work on the Ellen sitcom, and as co-creator of the Jim Belushi sitcom, "ACCORDING TO JIM."


Some folks say before they die
They want to run with the bulls
Some want to ride the eye of a hurricane
Some want to live like there’s no tomorrow
Then they’re strappin’ on a ‘chute
And jumpin’ out of a plane
Well, I’m not lookin’ to push my luck or tempt my fate
To get there early just to
Stand in line at those Pearly Gates
And besides having a few more vodka tonics
My bucket list only has one small item upon it
   Before I die, I, I, I, I, I
   Just want to get one straight answer from you
Some folks say what keeps this old world turnin’ around
Is everybody having something to look forward to
Like a meal, like a show, like something fantastic
For me,that something is you
Well, I’m not lookin’ to clip your wings
Or cramp your style
I’m not asking you to buy the cow
Just a simple yes or no, are you coming to dinner?
Instead of “Do I have to tell you now?”
You love to tell me you love me
That’s so easy for you to say
But when I ask, “When will you be here?”
You won’t give me the time of day
If Scarlett Johansson asked you to take her to coffee
Would you give her the same runaround you give me?
I’m cursed ‘cuz you know you’ve already got me
So you see no need for common courtesy
Well, I’m not lookin’ to change human nature
Beauty can bring the best of us to our knees
But if you’re not scoring tonight with Scarlett Johansson
You might wanna give an ETA to me
   Just wanna get one straight answer from you